Top 5 Social Networking Website

social networking website

It is the time of internet and many companies are using social networking website for social relation, brand building, promotion and making marketing strategies. Individuals using social media for sharing thoughts, ideas, images, videos and communicate to each other. As a new start up business Social Media could be the cheapest way for digital marketing […]

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How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive


Happiness is what all we seek, so does your employees. Whether you run a small business or have a giant company running throughout the multiple countries, you hire a bunch of people which is the real workforce for your business. The more productive they are, more are the chances of smooth growth of the company. […]

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Why freelancing in India


Ever since the beginning of this century, a brand-new genre of working professionals – who prefer to work as a freelancer in India – appears to have surfaced out of nowhere. You can find professionals, such as mechanics, repair engineers, home décor experts, architects, interior decorators, teachers, models, actors, writers, software developers, medical professionals – […]

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