How to Find a Job in Less Than a Week

First things first, the title may seem a little over promising but it is true. Anyone with the adequate skills for the work can find a job in LESS THAN A WEEK.

Present a Good  Resume

  • A good resume means a lots of things. Surf through the internet and learn tips on How to write a perfect resume.
  • Alter the keywords as per the company’s profile.
  • Do not write more than one page if you are fresher.
  • Be concise and to the point.
  • DO NOT send text file to the company if you are applying online. Instead send them the pdf file.
  • Keep your resume updated every time you apply.

Maintain the Records

find a job


  • Do not apply multiple times in same company. Keep a track of wherever you have applied.
  • Clearly note down the details of job and the salary they are offering.

Clear Up Your Social Profile

  • Recruiter now a days go through your social profiles to see what kind of person you are. Remove any otherwise content and make it look professional.
  • Always mention the achievements into your profiles, it shows them how well you have performed in your last job.
  • Also upload the most professional looking picture as your display picture.

Provide Adequate Contact Details

  • Giving them the correct contact details would not infer your privacy. It rather would make you look more interested.
  • Company often doesn’t call back once the call is dropped or not picked, so be conscious.
  • Give them every possible way of reaching you, be it mail, email or telephone number.

Wait For the Call

  • Once you have applied in several companies, provided them all the required information, wait for their call.
  • Waiting simply doesn’t mean to sit idle but to keep revising all the stuff you know. Read a lot in this period.
  • Keep your phone close to avoid missing any such calls.

That’s it. This is all you need to do for find a job in less than a week. This is no rocket science to learn but the few simple tricks that most of us forget to implement.

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