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Guided Steps to Start a Business

If you look at the Google keyword data, people who want to start a business of their own seems to be one of the most searched thing on internet. People keep asking for the few things to start a small business or a business for that matter. But the variety in its types makes it impossible to put a list that can work for everybody. There are things to keep in mind while you think of starting your own business. Here is the Guided step by step proven methods.

Ask yourself what and why!

Start a business

Before you go into the rigorous process of giving a start to your business ask yourself, what kind of business you want to do. Not just that but why you want to do this business? Hope to get an answer. You should also be aware of these questions:

  • What is it that makes you feel like starting a business? Is it freedom, growth possibility or just money?
  • What skills do you have to help grow the business?
  • Is it product or service based business you want to do?
  • Would you okay taking risks?
  • How do you know that the idea you have is worth start a business?

Look Around and Analyze:


After you have asked yourself enough questions, start analyzing the market around you. The type of business you want to do should find other suitable businesses to make sure it works.

  • Analyze the industry of your business to ensure the proper growth.
  • List down the consultants and visit them once for a better understanding of your market.
  • In order to carry out surveys regarding your product or survey, one way is to hire students at considerably low prices to conduct surveys for you.
  • Use online tools like Google Trends to check related searches.


Start a Business

Once you have carefully gone through all the aspects of industry and markets, it is the time to plan.

  • Make a rough idea of your plan.
  • Note down everything you are going to do for the business.
  • Maintain proper records of all the conversations and meetings you joined.
  • Divide the budget of each portion of the plan and try not exceeding any.
  • You can find various sample plans for your industry on internet.

Dig out Fundings:

Sart a Business

Here comes the major portion of problems for your dream of starting your own business. If you have enough capital to put into your business, use it right aways with proper planning and categorisation. But if you are without money like many others, you will have to do what others do. Go Find Fundings!

  • Find one such investor that is interested in your Business Plan. These include Venture Capital, Google Capital and Angel Investment.
  • Other ways might be borrowing money from banks.
  • A very convenient way to borrow money is from friends and family.

Make an Office:

Start a Business

It sounds like wastage of capital in beginning but it does count for your business’ growth. Office has a benefit that it makes you regular with your work and helps you organise your files and documents in a better way. The points to consider before setting up an office:

Price :

Start a Business

Make it under the budget. As your business grows, you can parallely make your office look better.

Parking :

Start a Business

It might sound fancy but it would ensure that your clients have hassle free experience visiting you, which definitely helps you in building better relations.

Visibility :

Start a Business

Choose a location that makes your office visible to the maximum number of people. It is nothing but the advertisement without any extra cost.


Sart a Business

The overly dense areas with people with similar businesses might increase the chances of lower attention towards you. Try finding an optimum density of competitors.

Learn from Mistakes:

Start a Business

No one is perfect. You cannot expect to be perfect with everything you did. We hope to get the best out of our planning and efforts but mistakes find their way. Rather getting depressed from them, try to learn and make maximum out of any situation. Start a business is not all, running it through “hit and trial” is the key to a successful business. Learning and not committing the same mistakes is what makes you an Entrepreneur.

So here were step by step guided proven techniques to start a business. Be it an online business, small or a well thought idea. This is what it takes to start it.

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