How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive

Happiness is what all we seek, so does your employees. Whether you run a small business or have a giant company running throughout the multiple countries, you hire a bunch of people which is the real workforce for your business. The more productive they are, more are the chances of smooth growth of the company. Therefore it becomes a necessity to keep them (employees, I will be referring employees as “them”) happy. Below are the secrets to keep your employees happy and productive.


1. Bring Flexibility to them


The time is over when the workers used to work straight 9 to 5 span of the day with one break for lunch. When they used to finish work just in time. That was quite stressing for the people. Studies have found that more than 80 percent of the workers have got no problem working if they are supposed to finish the work in accordance with their own comfort. Flexibility not just in deadlines but also in sitting style and dressing have also worked out in a positive way for many companies.

2. Encourage BreaksEncourage Breaks

Workers, especially the freshers, are very persevering and diligent to their work. But over time they build up perceptions that they are supposed to work continuously. As a boss or team leader, encourage them to take regular breaks which includes stepping away from the cabin and the computer screen, having snacks and coffee, listening to their favorite music and other things to divert their mind. This ensure creativity and fresh mind which certainly will increase the productivity of the employee.

3. Avoid Over Emailing


With the help of Internet, workplace and its workers are connected throughout the work period. Undoubtedly, as a boss you want to keep them updated of everything but do not overdo this by emailing them for every now and then. This develops a sense of ignorance in them towards your emails and surely would distract them away from their work if they are to reply. Rather only when it necessary.

4. Efficient Meetings

Efficient Meetings

I have seen people attending the office meetings a little more than casually because meeting keep happening all the time and that too without any fruitful discussions. This makes an employee feel negatively about the company. To avoid this, keep meeting only when there is an actual need to discuss something. And make the meetings so interactive such that everyone gets to put their opinion before everyone else in the meeting. This would boost the confidence of your employees and make them feel belonged.

5. Office Interiors and personal space

Office Interiors and personal space

It sounds a little out of the line to think but office interiors help a lot to make the employees happy about their workplace and work. It depends upon the type of work your are willing to get done. If it includes a lots of thinking then provide employees with enough personal space to make sure that they can think innovatively. And if the work requires much of the interactive sessions then provide them with common working tables to make it easier for them exchange ideas.

Office interiors include colors and the decorum of the office. Researchers at Creighton University in 1999 found the significant influence of colors on the mood of employees and their efficiency. For an office, Blue and Green colors are the best to go with. Blue color makes employees self centred, positive, hopeful and calm while Green reduces the anxiety.

6. Build Ownership and Rotate Responsibilities


You alone cannot be the whole company. Your employees are a part of it. Make your employees feel this sense of ownership. Make them feel that they are the ones who are running the company and it is only due to their efforts that company is escalating.

Other issue with slightly bigger offices is that the workmen are divided into groups and each group is assigned with work. The introvert kind of workers feel it hard to communicate which eventually make them out of the thinking process. Rotate responsibilities as it helps in better communication throughout the group and make them feel valuable as they are.

7. Keep them Informed


What generally happens in larger groups is that many of the members or workers stay untouched by the ongoing events and issues in the company. Keep everyone of them informed about everything that is relevant to them. Whether it is an office party, new projects taken or an upcoming deadline, just keep them informed. This definitely raises awareness of the company’s ongoing events among your employees.

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