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How to Save Money : Best 5 Tips


Saving money is as difficult as making or earning it. I have seen people wondering how to save money without much compromises on wishes. Here are the proven methods that have actually worked for many people and so they will for you too.

1. Set a Saving Goal

save money

  • Decide how much you want to save.
  • Make it a habit to save all your loose change.
  • Keep track of the expenditure.
  • Avoid using credit cards.

2. Use Public Transport

save money

  • Pool cars.
  • Take a bus to work.

3. Save Money Through Healthy Eating

save money

  • Cook your own food.
  • Take lunch to work.
  • Do not eat out.

4. Alter Lifestyle

save money

  • Workout daily at home rather than gym.
  • Think before you buy whether you actually need it or not.
  • Quit smoking and coffee.
  • Start bicycling.

5. Save Power and Water

save money

  • Switch off extra lights and appliances.
  • Turn off the tap after use as it also raises bills.
  • Switching off extra appliances also increases their life.

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