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Top 10 Start up Funded By Angel Investors in 2016

Angel Investors

Business is indeed a venture which is undertaken for the purpose of making sumptuous gains. Thanks to angel investors who have made the dream of many start-up organisations a reality. Following is the list of startups funded 2016 which have been funded by angel investors:

1. StepOut: It is a wonderful platform to form relationships and to meet to new people. Previous known as Ignighter, it has more than 3 million users. The company is progressing year by year, since it has been funded by angle investors in September 2010.

2. Junglee games: It was funded by angel investors since September 10’, since then there was no looking back. The company was founded in San Fransico. It is one of the topmost casino and mobile gaming organization. It has more than 10 million users.

3. Flipkart: The Company was started in 2007 and has been funded by angel investors since January 12. It is one of the largest online stores in India, with its head office in Bangalore. It is selling various good such as electronic gadgets, home appliance, mobile camera, toys, apparels, perfumes, etc.

4. Zendrive: It has joined the list of angel investors in August 2013. It provides safe transportation services.

5. Clear tax: It has been funded by angel investors since August 2014. It provides the simplest way for e-filing income tax in India.

6. Common floor: It has become a part of angel investor’s list since November 2012. It is Bangalore based real estate agency which is making tremendous success.

7. Edukart: It has been funded by angel investors in October 2011. It is one of the foremost educational marketplaces. It offers people to compare, select and enrol in more than 2000 courses related to diploma, degree, coaching, etc.

8. School admissions: It has joined the list of angel investors in February 2013. It helps the parents in simplifying the school admission process in Delhi and NCR by providing necessary information about the admission process. It also provides a community platform for enabling the parents to discuss their areas of concern.

9. Clear trip: It has been funded by angel investors since July 2014. It is a Mumbai based travelling agency.

10. Semantics 3: It provides product and pricing data for the purpose of E-Commerce. It has joined the angel investor in September 2012.

Angel Investors

We are sure by knowing about the tremendous success by stratups, you must be very impressed. The credit of their accomplishments actually goes to angel investors. So what have you decided?

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