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Top Mobile Brands In India 2016

The Smartphone have brought a new revolution in the arena of communication, giving it an entirely new dimension. Let’s see the top most mobile brands and their leading products:

Mobile Brands

1. Samsung: Its Samsung Galaxy A7 is its latest notable product. It has 5.5in and a dual SIM. You would simply fall in love with its 13MP camera. The 1.5GB RAM would provide you with ample storage. The price of this model is Rs 10, 190. Samsung Galaxy A8 is priced at Rs 25,785. It has dual SIM, 2GB RAM and 13MP camera. Samsung Galaxy S7 is priced at RS 48,900. It has dual SIM, 4 GB RAM, 12 MP cameras and 5.1 in screen.

2. Motorola: Its latest product, Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation is priced at Rs.9, 999. It has 2GB RAM, 5 in screen, dual SIM and 13 MP cameras. Its Motorola Moto X Play is priced at 15,999. It has dual SIM; 2GB RAM, 21MP camera and its screen is of 5.5 in. Motorola Moto E second generation is priced as low as 5,999. It has 4.5 in screen, 5 MP cameras, dual SIM and 1 GB RAM.

3. Lenovo: Its latest products are Lenovo K4 Note and Lenovo Vibe X3. Lenovo K4 note has dual SIM, 13MP camera, 3GB Ram and 5.5 in screen. Its price is Rs 11,999. Lenovo Vibe X3 is priced at 19,999. Its screen is of 5.5 in, and it has dual camera 3GB RAM and 21 MP camera. Lenovo Vibe P1 is priced at 14,999. It has dual SIM, 13MP camera 5.5in screen and 2GB RAM.

4. HTC: HTC Desire 826 is priced at Rs 18,460. It has dual SIM, 5.5 in screen, 13 MP camera and 2 GB RAM. HTC One A9 is priced at RS. 30,399. It has 5 in screen, 13 MP cameras, single SIM, 2 GB RAM.

5. Apple: Apple iphone 6 plus is priced at RS. 47,449. It has single SIM, 1 GB RAM, 8MP camera and 5.5 screens.


Mobile Brands


6. Sony: Sony Xperia M5 dual is priced at RS. 25,400. It has 21.5 MP camera, 5 in screen, 3GB RAM and dual SIM. Sony Xperia Z5 premium is priced at. It has single SIM, 3 GB RAM, 23 MP Camera and 5.5 in screen.

We hope you have got an idea about which is the perfect Mobile brands and ideal handset for you. So what have you decided?

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